Introducing Rave Reports: The Next Level in Visual Reporting

Choosing the right reporting tool is a very important task! Reports are the most permanent and visible aspect of your application, often seen and used by many who do not even use your software. Reports are also the primary means for your customers to retrieve information from their data.

You need to choose a reporting tool that will allow you to create great looking, informative and efficient reports. You also need to choose a reporting tool that is easy to use yet at the same time remains flexible and powerful enough to grow with your application's development and meet your customer's future demands. You need Rave 2024!

Rave has always stood for unsurpassed power, flexibility and speed. Now it combines those essential requirements with the easiest yet most powerful visual design environment available. Please join us for a short tour of some of the features of Rave 2024, and see for yourself why it should be your choice for your application's reporting tool.

Rave Reports is for programmers using Embarcadero's Delphi and C++Builder development platforms. Rave contains not only the Rave visual designer, but the code based report library as well. Reports created with Rave can be compiled into your applications or stored externally on disk or in a database. An optional End User Designer License (Architect version) provides for the distribution of the Rave designer in addition to the reports within your application. Rave supports common Delphi databases like Interbase, BDE, and Advantage but it can easily work with any data that you can access from your Delphi/C++Builder application.

Rave Reports Feature Tour