End User Functionality

If you need to give your end users the capability to create or modify their own reports, then look no further than Rave. As was mentioned earlier, Rave is completely external to Delphi and does not rely on items such as Delphi's Object Inspector or other designer tools. This means that instead of providing your end users with a watered down version, you can give them just as much functionality as you, the programmer, have. Now if your end users aren't quite at the power user level, never fear, Rave has three different levels, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, that allow your end user to select the functionality level that they are comfortable with.

If you don't think your customers can handle the Beginner level of Rave, Report Wizards can provide the ability to create all the reports your users will ever need. Rave comes with a few wizards already (see sample shown at right), but with Rave's unique open architecture, you can create reporting wizards specifically tailored to your customer's needs. Then you can dynamically install them in the visual designer and/or call them directly from your application. In fact, a special location on the Nevrona web site will soon be created specifically for downloading custom reporting components and wizards that are created by either Nevrona Designs or other Rave users. The end user designer is available in the Architect version of Rave Reports and it comes with an unlimited distribution count license so you don't have to worry about paying royalties.

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