Rave Reports 5.0

Ultimate Reporting Technology

Rave 5.0 SE (Standard Edition)

Provides the complete Rave visual report design tool as well as a copy of a single user Rave Server. Rave Standard also includes SQL DataViews (drivers) to enable direct connect or web oriented access to reports from Microsoft ODBC, Microsoft SQL Server, Apollo, Advantage, DBXpress, Access & DBIsam databases.

Rave 5.0 DE (Developer Edition)

Includes all of the Standard version plus the DLLs required to interface the reporting system into an application. The interface provided by the DLLs will enable Visual Basic & Microsoft Visual C++ Programmers to integrate the powerful Rave reporting system into their application thereby greatly simplifying the job of providing database information in useable form to their users. Significant savings are made both at the level of original report development and later at the point of report maintenance. Programmer documentation included.

Rave 5.0 BEX (Borland Edition eXtended)

Includes all of the standard Development Edition visual features and continues to provide a powerful and flexible suite of reporting components and classes that are in its predecessor, ReportPrinter Pro. The code based reporting system contains numerous components with over hundreds of methods, properties, and events and compiles into your application with no external files. Some of its features include word wrapped memos, full graphics, justification, precise page positioning, real world measurements, printer configuration, font control, and full-featured print preview. Rave 5.0 BEX continues to easily handle banded style reports (with master-detail to unlimited levels), form letters, invoices, snaking columns, preprinted forms and any other report you will want to create.

Rave 5.0 Report Server

Single user version included with Standard, Developer & Borland editions. The Rave Server is the central repository & library for storage and execution of all Rave reports. The server executes the report command request from an authorized client and sends the completed report out in HTML, PDF or Rave native format to the requesting client. The client can execute the Rave Server and receive reports using only their browser. Designed to be scaleable from a few users to many thousand, the Rave Server can grow as needs expand - even to the extent of supporting load balancing over multiple servers. Licensing is based on number of concurrent users.